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Community Buzz

“It doesn't make sense to have a limit on occupancy with no increase in the requirement that single-family residences have only 2 on-site parking spaces. What about the fact that the City's zoning code requires 1 on-site parking space for each bedroom in a tourist, rooming house or boardinghouse, as well as in a hotel or motel? . . .We urge you to adopt more restrictive occupancy limits on the City's rental properties in single-family neighborhoods and increased on-site parking requirements for these properties.” 
G. B., South Rehoboth, January 2016


Because of its appeal, Rehoboth is clearly being targeted now as a high potential and vulnerable jurisdiction for investor-owned mini-hotels and mega-houses in the established residential areas of the city. . . The most obvious choice to actually protect residentially zoned neighborhoods is to add a maximum occupancy limit regardless of the numbers of bedrooms. . . Henlopen Acres’ action [capping occupancy in any house at 12] was an eloquent statement about the nature of residential neighborhoods and their preservation, not a compromise about balancing neighborhoods with the ambitions and business plans of would-be investors in mini-hotels in their neighborhoods.  The Acres just said “no” to mini-hotels. In Rehoboth, unlike Henlopen Acres, we include, and are proud of, our commercial areas and the operators of our businesses, just as we are of our neighborhoods.  Still,  this immediate discussion about occupancy limitsis primarily about neighborhoods in Rehoboth and I trust our elected representatives will treat their protection as a priority in the actions they take.
G.M., The Pines, March 2016

“The whole character of Rehoboth is being changed by the mini-hotel,” said James Horty, who owns a home on Henlopen Avenue."
Quoted in The News Journal, October 15, 2015


“Summer in Rehoboth Beach is anchored in all of our collective family and community memories, and not as a “price” to pay for real estate profits. And that, simply, is why the mayor and commissioners should enact restrictions.”
From a Letter to the Editor, Cape Gazette, by Stan Heuisler, July 17, 2015.