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Community Buzz

"Three years ago a rental property adjacent to ours was torn down and replaced by an investment property. It was built out to the max and includes a pool that is ten feet from the property line and a mere 20 feet from our kitchen window. The constant noise from full time summer rental is unbearable. The commercial investors, developers and realtors clearly don't care about private homeowner's rights. They only care about their financial gain. Our city officials have worked hard to craft a new zoning ordinance that is fair for everyone, but the developers are not satisfied. They want to build as big as they want and include a pool wherever possible. We need to preserve our great city by protecting it from commercial overdevelopment."
S. and L. B., South Rehoboth, October 2015


"I love Rehoboth's small town charm, the huge number of trees, and lots of greenery.  I live in south Rehoboth where our lots are small and we live very close to our neighbors. The construction of large homes that are used solely as rentals for large numbers of people in the summer is having a negative impact on our quality of life, increasing noise and congestion. Our mayor and commissioners put a great deal of time and effort to craft a solution and I am thankful for their work."
J.P., South Rehoboth, October 2015

"I was fortunate enough to grow up here & it was a quintessential childhood. Rehoboth Beach is a very special small town that has progressed into the future wonderfully until probably the last decade. Since then in particular there has been so much growth & development in town that we are in jeopardy of losing the qualities that make Rehoboth Beach attractive to so many, especially those that live here...
Rehoboth Beach is at a definite crossroads- do we keep our charm & character. Or do we sell out to the almighty dollar for the benefit of a privileged & well connected few?!?"
A. P. R., November 2015


"They're nice houses owned by nice people, but sometimes you'll see 15 cars parked in front of them," said John Hughes, [former Mayor] of the bulked-up homes in his neighborhood. "I think that's destructive to our neighborhood values. I think that's short-term prosperity at the expense of long-term prosperity. We've got something here; don't give it away to speculators. They don't look past the next sale.”
Quoted in the News Journal, July 18, 2015.

"We need to immediately curtail the proliferation of large houses with pools, built by investors strictly for rental.  This is a business and is not permitted in R1 Zoning.  But somehow they received permits.  And are allowed to clear-cut the beautiful trees on the lots!  My home is in the R1 district and there are two of these rental houses built beside me.  The first pool is 12 feet from my bedroom window.  And the second one is 50 feet further.  Now another new house with pool went in behind me this past summer.  This pool is about 20 feet from a deck and porch on the back of my home.  In my opinion, rental homes with pools cause the most disturbances.  The pool noise is unrelenting!  And for those who say "Oh, it's only for 8 weeks!", I can assure you that it is almost daily from mid- end of May until mid- September - 16+ weeks!  I agree with all the other writers on this forum who have eloquently and passionately shared their concerns for the future of our beautiful residential neighborhoods here in Rehoboth."
M. R., South Rehoboth, November 2015