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Cape Gazette Editorial, January 30, 2018: BeachWalk foes set standard for public comments

Cape Gazette Editorial, January 19, 2018: Rehoboth: Side with planners on BeachWalk


Cape Gazette, February 20, 2018: BeachWalk developer files appeal

Cape Gazette, January 30, 2018:  UPDATE: BeachWalk appeal shot down in Rehoboth

Cape Gazette, January 26, 2018: Large crowd expected for BeachWalk appeal

Cape Gazette, January 22, 2018: BeachWalk petition garners over 700 signatures

Cape Gazette, January 14, 2018: Rehoboth sets hearing on BeachWalk appeal Jan. 26

Cape Gazette, October 30, 2017: Rehoboth commissioners to hear BeachWalk appeal

Cape Gazette, October 19, 2017: Rehoboth commissioners to rule on BeachWalk appeal

Cape Gazette, September 13, 2017: Rehoboth planners seek to dismiss BeachWalk appeal

Cape Gazette, August 9, 2017: Rehoboth's BeachWalk developer wants city to hear appeal

Cape Gazette, July 7, 2017: Rehoboth attorneys seek to dismiss Beach Walk case

Cape Gazette,  April 7, 2017: BeachWalk appeals to city commissioners

Cape Gazette, January 17, 2017: Rehoboth planners reject BeachWalk

Older articles:

Cape Gazette, December 18, 2016: Rehoboth planners to resume BeachWalk review

 Cape Gazette, November 14, 2016: Serious concerns raised over Beach Walk  
Two noted civic groups in Rehoboth, Save Our lakes Alliance and the Rehoboth Beach Homeowners' Association express major environmental concerns in this Commentary written by Sallie Forman and Charlie Browne, presidents of SOLA3 and RBHA respectively. 

Cape Gazette, October 25, 2016: Beach Walk project ruled a subdivision

Cape Gazette, August 16, 2016: Rehoboth residents oppose Beach Walk

Cape Gazette, July 8, 2016: Rehoboth planners to review Bay Mart project.

Cape Gazette, May 27, 2016: Rehoboth board allows Bay Mart project to move forward63-unit development next faces site-plan review

Cape Gazette, Letters to the Editor

The proposed BeachWalk development has generated more letters to the Gazette than any other single project in recent memory.  Below are links to a selection of them.

BeachWalk is really a subdivision, by Jim Lisehora

BeachWalk a travesty as proposed, by M. A. Seidel

Rehoboth board should do its job, by John Michael Dukes

Commissioners should deny BeachWalk appeal, by Rebecca Howland

Just say 'no' to BeachWalk, by Terry Ballard

BeachWalk subject to subdivision laws, by Julie Davis and John Metz

Rehoboth officials can regain credibility, by Stan and Betsey Heuisler

BeachWalk: Three major concerns, by Peter and Victoria Jennings

Proposed BeachWalk development not responsible, by Jon Worthington

Uphold Rehoboth planners' decision, by Tom and Linda Delany

Uphold planning commission decision, by Pam Cranston

Rehoboth needs to consider BeachWalk, by Joe Conn and Rick Mowery

Planners should address BeachWalk, by Larry Shaw and Richard Freitag

Rehoboth should uphold planners' decision, by Sam and Marie Powell

BeachWalk developer must address issues, by Paul and Bonnie Hardy

Community has spoken out on BeachWalk, by Sandy Neverett

Beach Walk will affect quality of life, by Tom and Linda Delany

BeachWalk impact must be fully examined, by Mary Ann Seidel and Kyle Synan

Kudos on Gazette Commentary on BeachWalk, by Sandy Neverett

Monigle must quit stonewallingby Barry and Gail Furman

A victory for the people of Rehoboth Beach, by Tom and Linda Delany

Thanks to planners for Beach Walk decision, by Sam and Marie Powell

Thanks for Beach Walk deliberations, by Doug and Liz Schaffer

Beach Walk decision a wise one for Rehoboth, by Pat McGee

Beach Walk plan needs improvement, by Peter and Victoria Jennings 

Beach Walk ingress/outgress unfeasable, by Marc Kleiman and Andrew Ascher

Beach Walk will set dangerous precedent, by Larry Shaw

 Proposed Beach Walk is seriously flawed, by Linda and Tom Delany

 Bay Mart proposal doesn't pass the smell test, by Philip Karsting and Michael Wroblewski

 Beach Walk developers must comply with law, by Jack Murray

 Hit the 'pause button' on BayMart development, by Greig Stewart

 Bay Mart Plan is a work in progress, by Loren Friedman and Patricia Rodriquez

 Applauding Rehoboth’s site-plan review process, by Sandy Neverett

 Public urged to attend Bay Mart meetingby Linda and Tom Delany

 We don’t need ‘rental ghetto’ in Rehoboth, by Pamela Cranston

Rehoboth officials all talk, no action, by Linda and Tom Delany

Rehoboth BOA: Outdated, out of touch, by Sandy Neverett and Pamela Cranston

Rehoboth must take legal action on Bay Mart, by Larry Shaw and Richard Freitag

Rehoboth needs to file appeal on Bay Mart, by Carol P. Tello

Bay Mart needs to be developed responsibly, by J. Michael Dukes

There are many reasons to overturn BOA ruling, by Samuel and Marie Powell

City should appeal Bay Mart decision, by Greig Stewart and Jake Hudson

Terrace Road resident voices Bay Mart concerns, by M.A. Seidel 

Beach Walk could create dangerous situation, by Marc Kleiman

Rehoboth must preserve its current charm, by Linda and Tom Delany