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Did You Know?


Every community has zoning laws that govern the amount of your lot you can cover with a house, and setbacks. Many communities have FAR regulations as well. These regulations are based in part on lot size and density considerations. How do ours compare? Below are some representative zoning code elements for communities that are both coastal and inland in various parts of the US.

Bethany – 15’ rear setback; 40% lot coverage; average lot size 5000 sq. ft.

Fenwick – 20’ rear setback; average lot size 5000 sq. ft; all houses limited to 5 bedrooms regardless of size.

Dekalb County, Georgia – R60 zoning, for a 6000 sq ft lot – lot coverage 35%

Palo Alto, CA – for a 7000 sq ft lot, 35% lot coverage including swimming pool; 45% FAR for first 5000 sq ft of lot plus 30% for area in excess of 5000 sq ft.

Folly Beach, SC – 35% lot coverage

Bottom line: Compared to other communities, both coastal and inland, with similar sized lots, our new zoning code is equal to or more generous in the size of house allowed.