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A Sense of Place

What is it that makes great communities the kind of place where people want to live, vacation, and build a business?

On Saturday, November 5, 2016, Ed McMahon, noted urban planner,  addressed a "the sense of place": those elements that make one city or town different from another, and also make our physical surroundings worth caring about. People want to spend time in a special place like Rehoboth Beach, not one that looks and feels like every other city. In his talk, McMahon set forth the compelling argument for the economic, psychological and social value of uniqueness.

Sussex County provides a clear example of the difference uniqueness makes. Driving down Route One, you could be in any city in America. But once you cross the canal into our city, you know you are in a place unlike any other, with the unique character we all love.

Mr. McMahon, who holds the Charles E. Fraser Chair on Sustainable Development at the Urban Land Institute, has become well known across the country for his TED Talk and many writings on the important subjects related to building and preserving unique communities.

What a thought-provoking presentation of the special nature of Rehoboth Beach! See news coverage here.

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If you missed it,  videos are available below.



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